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Your Exterior Painting Project

Exterior painting services from quality professional painters you can trust.
Hire a professional painting company to paint the exterior of your home.

Summer and fall are the best times to paint the exterior of your home! In Michigan due to weather we have a limited window of opportunity for exterior projects, if you are considering an exterior project reach out to us for a free estimate today!


If your home is looking out of date, the paint is fading, or the overall condition of the exterior is looking worn, a fresh coat of paint is a great economical solution! Overtime your home takes a beating from the elements, most homes find they are ready to be repainted on a 5-8 year interval. If you are ready to explore options for your exterior paint project, get in contact with our team here!

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Free Estimate

Gain a clear picture about what it will take to get your project done and the estimated cost to complete it. Contact us to schedule a free estimate for your project.

Home Prep

Our professional painters will assess the current condition of the exterior of your home and properly prepare the surface for paint. 


Work with our scheduling team to find the a project timeline that fits your needs!


When it is time to get the paint on the exterior, our painters will ensure to use protective plastic sheeting, drop cloths, and any other tools needed to ensure a clean workspace. After the painting has been completed our crew will remove all left over material and coverings and conduct an inspection before determining the project is complete. 

Choosing Paint

We have access to any paint color or style needed for your project! We are surface coating engineers and can assist you with picking out the right supplies for your exterior paint project. 


There are a few factors considered when estimating the cost of painting the exterior of your home. These may include the square footage of the area we are painting, current condition of the surfaces being painted, amount of prep work required, paint choices and preferences, etc.  

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