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Let’s start things off by welcoming you to our Brush Rite Family! Here we believe in clear communication, problem-solving, and all things thoughtful, so we thought we'd share some tips for our subscribers!

Our most common questions we get from customers are regarding our services and the materials we use, but scheduling is never taken into consideration. When it comes to interior painting projects, scheduling is forgiving and usually depends on your family and work schedule. However, exteriors are the trickiest part of the painting industry!

Since we are based in Michigan, we deal with snow, rain, thunder, high winds, and even worse… during the winter and spring!

So when is the perfect time to schedule your exterior painting project?

Things to consider:


Paint should never be applied when the temperature is below freezing at night because it won’t adhere properly or dry. This will make the paint sag and have long streaks down cracks and other corner edges. Not a very cute look when it’s seen up close or from far away!

Extreme Wind:

Paint can crack and start rising into peel-able strips due to the wind drying up faster in only certain areas, which will set back the entire project. This doesn’t always factor into most exterior work, our crews do not paint outside during extremely high winds. The use of ladders and heavy equipment being carried during bad weather is something we avoid at all costs and safety is always a priority.

Personal Schedule:

Indoors or outdoors, our crew always works around your priorities! Our office team makes sure to properly communicate with clients as to when they can have work begin in their home or business.

All of the above play a huge factor in scheduling exterior projects, which is why we recommend them to be done in the summer or fall months. This allows us to adjust the schedule easier if it rains, and lowers the chances of having your painting project delayed.

When it comes to interior projects, the only thing halting the schedule would be availability. In the painting industry, the summer season is always the busiest, and it can be hard to get a definitive date since most companies are already booked well into the fall. This is a little different for Brush Rite Painting because we work extremely hard at getting things completed for those who accept our estimates, our scheduling really depends on the project size.

A good rule of thumb to follow would be getting your project scheduled for the fall, since calendars are opened up and crews have more availability to get things done faster. This means more painters per project, and less waiting time for your home’s new look!

Things to consider when scheduling:

Crew Size:

With greater availability, we can schedule more painters to begin working on your project! Meaning you get to wait less for painting to be completed, and add ons are not an issue that will delay your completion date.

Real Estate: If you’re about to put your house on the market in the coming Spring, a new coat of paint can go a long way in adding additional value to your home! Getting this completed in the winter can set you up for a better outcome when it comes time to sell!

Instant happy mood:

We all know that winters in Michigan are long and dreary! Pulling into your driveway after being caught in a snow storm is nothing but a relief. To help with seasonal grayness, adding some trendy vibrant colors to your interior design can be a quick cure to any winter blues!

Holidays: Whether you’re expecting a big party during New Years or a simple family dinner on Christmas, a new look to your home can really add a wow factor to all shared memories! Simply having your cabinets painted will make your kitchen look completely remodeled, and add some fun conversation while the family is cooking.

Discounts: Who doesn’t love a gift card in their stockings? Brush Rite Painting has many seasonal promotions during the winter months which are great for gift giving. We offer gift cards to our clients and social media giveaways. The perfect gift for any nieces and nephews looking to get their new home painted before moving in, or simply in need of a fresh, new theme.

All painting projects are meant to be easy, convenient, and ran smoothly without the hassle of scheduling or crew sizes. At Brush Rite Painting we communicate our availability to all clients and schedule projects at their convenience, after all, here we consider you family.

If you are looking to get your painting project started, check out our services here!

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  • trevor0191

Most DIY painting websites and blogs will give you tips like this:

"How to prevent your rollers from drying out!"


"How to clean your brushes effectively!"

No mention to the process of painting a room, until now!

Tip #1 - Prep

Remove wall plates! There will be no "landlord" painting here! All of our employees are trained to complete a walk through inspection before even opening a can of paint.

While doing your own walk through inspection of the areas you would like to paint, here are some things to look for:

- Areas that need to be covered

- Furniture that needs to be draped

- Holes, damage, etc.

Once you have completed your walk through, it's time to prepare your walls!

You will want a smooth surface to paint on, so patch, repair and sand any damages or holes you found.

Remove all wall plates in the area you are painting.

And last, but not least, tape off the areas you are painting!

Does this sound like tedious work? Although tedious, the DIY painter often overlooks the preparation step. However, a true professional can tape a room in under 10 minutes! This will guarantee clean lines, artistry, and fast results.

If you haven't called Brush Rite Painting by now (BTW, 734-368-3592), that means you're in for the long run! Your bedroom is taped up, furniture covered, and all the wall plates have been removed. So now let's get to priming!

Prime every patch you sanded, or apply primer on the walls if you are going from a dark color to a lighter color. Brush Rite Painting only uses trusted professional-grade vendors, so a lot of the time we don't always have to apply primer, however, we still do it because it gurantees a brighter, and longer lasting color.

The DIY painter can skip this step if your project doesn't involve dark to light color switches, but it is highly recommended.

Now that all the prep work is completed you can begin applying paint!

Tip #2 - Paint the ceiling first!

Ceiling is always first, usually it's a shade of white, but the possibilities are endless! If you need some great inspiration on color trends, you can visit our 2022 Spring Color Trends article here.

When painting the ceiling you are going to cut around the ceiling corners, windows, and doors. By "cutting in", I mean applying paint to the edges of any structure in the room.

This technique is a great judging point for all painters! If you ask any of our crew, they'll tell you about the years of perfecting it took to really dial in their speed and technique when cutting in. So don't rush yourself! Take your time. 😊 Our crew can cut around edges by hand, however, DIY painters are encouraged to tape all areas where frames and corners are involved.

Now that the ceiling, frames, and windows have been properly prepared and painted, you can being painting the walls!

By far, the most satisfying moment in all painting projects, is applying the finishing color. The contrast from new paint being rolled on top of old color... is incredible motivation! So hang tight and get your arms moving about!

We can't give out all our secrets, but this tip will make sure you're not wasting paint!

These are the rollers you'll need for a typical interior painting project:

- Doors usually need a 3/8in roller or 1/16in roller

- Ceilings usually require a 3/4in roller, if the ceiling is flat

Tip #3: Wall texture!

This is the one area that we do not recommend a DIY-er to attempt. If you have a popcorn ceiling or spackle, and you want to remove or apply any other textures, please give us a call, 734-368-3592.

This type of project requires specific equipment for proper application, and unfortunately it's not the kind of equipment you can rent at Home Depot. It also requires a special technique, which our painting professionals have mastered.

Tip #4: Even pressure!

Make sure there is even pressure when applying paint, and think in layers. If the first coat is even everywhere, the second coat will be an easy application!

This will ensure proper, and even distribution of color. Technique will also make sure that your walls look good during all times of the day, not just certain times of the day.

If you start painting in the morning, you have to make sure that all areas have been evenly coated, this way when it's time for sundown, that beautiful golden light bounces properly off the paint.

Bonus Tips:

After you're done, let everything dry and make sure you're not touching a single thing!

Cold temperatures will take longer for paint to dry, avoid starting paint projects during winter without heat!

Proper ventilation is a necessity! Even though most modern paint is of the low to zero VOC category, fumes can still become harmful after long exposure and improper safety equipment.

Lastly, and most importantly, enjoy the process and rest assured that if everything looks horrible when you're finished, you can call Brush Rite Painting to do it FOR you!

If you enjoyed reading about our tips for DIY painters, check out some of the projects we are really proud of here!

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  • trevor0191

Spring is here, even if Michigan isn't ready for it!

As Brush Rite Painting gears up for 2022 projects we wanted to share some expert recommendations!

First things first, say goodbye to Chantilly Lace and flat yellows!

This coming Spring we have been noticing some beautiful color trends popping up that follow designer magazines such as Interior Design Magazine and Country Living.

When picking colors gets overwhelming, our team recommends our customers think about the final vision. Some things to consider before you go picking samples:

What is the feel you want for your home?

What does your life style look like?

Do you have pets or kids?

Do you want spaces to look bigger, or smaller?

How much light do you want in the area?

All of these questions can lead you into deciding your theme! Another recommendation is to look on Pinterest or call Brush Rite Painting so we can set you up with a color consultation. We can help you decide if you want:

  • minimalism

  • gothic

  • modern

  • vintage

Once you know your theme, you're on the right path to deciding colors!

Spring trends have shown more preference towards shades with a calming effect.

Bold doesn't mean "in your face" saturation anymore! Instead, the term has taken on a

new meaning. While still blending in last year's minimalistic trend, pairing a lighter, warm

color like dusty pink with a bold orange as the accent color or trim, can make your home truly stand out, while still bringing in light. Trim accents in your home can make spaces look bigger when paired with the correct colors.

The opposite of this idea is the white-on-white decorations, or as the cool kids call it, the updated neutral.

The illusion of expansion comes from light bouncing on a mirroring wall to reflect a brighter color. White-on-white may sound boring to some, but in smaller spaces it can elevate the area and give off a more modern and cleaner vibe. This can elevate any home without looking boring, even using a white with a special undertone can still become an updated neutral as long as the hues aren’t to saturated.

Crown molding can be accentuated as well to match the color of walls for a

contemporary look that shows modern finishes to an old design. A great recommendation from Benjamin Moore is October Mist, while it is a neutral shade, it's still has a touch of green for a calming affect.

Minimalism suits most who have busy lifestyles and are looking for a serene

environment once they get off from work and get to relax home.

For those who love color and want to make a statement, a vintage theme is a great option!

Vintage colors usually have a saturated look and a warmer undertone to give off the look of something old, automatically welcoming the feeling of comfort.

Color pallets with muddy greens, or rusty reds are wonderful for a boho chic theme that invites guest to sit down and cozy up in a blanket. These shades are also wonderful to pair with other themes in your home since they can share commonality in undertones.

Another perk to a vintage shade this spring is the ambiance a bold color brings to your furniture! A color like Roycroft Bottle Green is a great example for vintage shade that adds depth.

For those who prefer a lighter vintage, Brush Rite Painting also recommends Roycroft Rose by Sherwin Williams for the perfect warm pink that still matches darks and lights in cool or warm hues.

Moving away from the vintage esthetic is the continuation of contrast for kitchen

decor. Last year's trends were heavily leaning towards navy blue and white, with cabinets being a bold blue color and the surrounding walls remaining a lighter, cool undertone.

This year shows similarity, but replaces the navy blue with something a little more enticing.

Customers so far have opted for dark cabinets and minimalistic walls that just open up

space for dinner preparations, and Sunday breakfast. Sherwin Williams has declared Iron

Ore as the color of the month for March, a beautiful addition to a home's most important

room. If you’d like more recommendations on cabinet colors, just take a look at our


Give your home a fresh new look that matches your family's esthetic by calling

Brush Rite Painting. Whether it be interior or exterior, a new coat of paint does go a long

way in protecting you home and creating an ambiance that the whole family can enjoy!

If you enjoyed reading about this years spring trends, check out some of our projects we are really proud of here!

If you are looking to update your home this spring, contact us for a free estimate with the form below or call us at 734-368-3592!

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