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Everything you need to know about your painting project!

Let’s start things off by welcoming you to our Brush Rite Family! Here we believe in clear communication, problem-solving, and all things thoughtful, so we thought we'd share some tips for our subscribers!

Our most common questions we get from customers are regarding our services and the materials we use, but scheduling is never taken into consideration. When it comes to interior painting projects, scheduling is forgiving and usually depends on your family and work schedule. However, exteriors are the trickiest part of the painting industry!

Since we are based in Michigan, we deal with snow, rain, thunder, high winds, and even worse… during the winter and spring!

So when is the perfect time to schedule your exterior painting project?

Things to consider:


Paint should never be applied when the temperature is below freezing at night because it won’t adhere properly or dry. This will make the paint sag and have long streaks down cracks and other corner edges. Not a very cute look when it’s seen up close or from far away!

Extreme Wind:

Paint can crack and start rising into peel-able strips due to the wind drying up faster in only certain areas, which will set back the entire project. This doesn’t always factor into most exterior work, our crews do not paint outside during extremely high winds. The use of ladders and heavy equipment being carried during bad weather is something we avoid at all costs and safety is always a priority.

Personal Schedule:

Indoors or outdoors, our crew always works around your priorities! Our office team makes sure to properly communicate with clients as to when they can have work begin in their home or business.

All of the above play a huge factor in scheduling exterior projects, which is why we recommend them to be done in the summer or fall months. This allows us to adjust the schedule easier if it rains, and lowers the chances of having your painting project delayed.

When it comes to interior projects, the only thing halting the schedule would be availability. In the painting industry, the summer season is always the busiest, and it can be hard to get a definitive date since most companies are already booked well into the fall. This is a little different for Brush Rite Painting because we work extremely hard at getting things completed for those who accept our estimates, our scheduling really depends on the project size.

A good rule of thumb to follow would be getting your project scheduled for the fall, since calendars are opened up and crews have more availability to get things done faster. This means more painters per project, and less waiting time for your home’s new look!

Things to consider when scheduling:

Crew Size:

With greater availability, we can schedule more painters to begin working on your project! Meaning you get to wait less for painting to be completed, and add ons are not an issue that will delay your completion date.

Real Estate: If you’re about to put your house on the market in the coming Spring, a new coat of paint can go a long way in adding additional value to your home! Getting this completed in the winter can set you up for a better outcome when it comes time to sell!

Instant happy mood:

We all know that winters in Michigan are long and dreary! Pulling into your driveway after being caught in a snow storm is nothing but a relief. To help with seasonal grayness, adding some trendy vibrant colors to your interior design can be a quick cure to any winter blues!

Holidays: Whether you’re expecting a big party during New Years or a simple family dinner on Christmas, a new look to your home can really add a wow factor to all shared memories! Simply having your cabinets painted will make your kitchen look completely remodeled, and add some fun conversation while the family is cooking.

Discounts: Who doesn’t love a gift card in their stockings? Brush Rite Painting has many seasonal promotions during the winter months which are great for gift giving. We offer gift cards to our clients and social media giveaways. The perfect gift for any nieces and nephews looking to get their new home painted before moving in, or simply in need of a fresh, new theme.

All painting projects are meant to be easy, convenient, and ran smoothly without the hassle of scheduling or crew sizes. At Brush Rite Painting we communicate our availability to all clients and schedule projects at their convenience, after all, here we consider you family.

If you are looking to get your painting project started, check out our services here!

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