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Benefits of working with a Color Consultant!

At Brush Rite Painting we try to make the painting process one of the easiest services for your home! While our crew will do the heavy lifting and get everything prepped, painted, and finished in no time, all we require from our customers is your choice of color!

Some of our clients have access to interior designers they have known for years, but for those who do not, our company wanted to take our services one step further and offer free color consults to those with a scheduled project!

Our goal of a color consult appointment is to provide:

  • Customized designs that fit your style

  • Better resources and tools

Our color consultants work hard at crafting themes together based on your responses to personalized color questionnaires. We narrow down some choices you are interested in and present you with the options in real time, so you can better visualize the end result.

Your color consultant is your personal connection to someone in the painting industry who is always in touch with color trends and the know-how of other design resources, such as color matching tools. With access to paint vendors, and banks of color intel, our color consultants can match any shade of your choosing, and narrow down the options for you. This experience can set up your home for a beautiful finish!

If you haven't read it yet, check out our blog on “Why you should paint before selling!” where we highlight the addition to property value from applying fresh paint to your home. In addition to helping you create an interior that looks gorgeous, color consultants can give you the correct knowledge of color psychology as well! Buyers will look less closely for flaws in your home as light reflects off of its brand new look. It can also help them better envision themselves living there!

Brush Rite Painting offers our clients with a scheduled project free color consulting, so if interior designers are out of your budget, call Brush Rite Painting! Having your home professionally painted with the help of a color expert, can give you long lasting results. A fresh coat of paint may be the new foundation for making brighter memories with your family, or prepping before selling! Saving time and money is the goal for all of our customers, which is why we take pride in doing it all for you. From prepping surfaces, to ordering paint, or answering technique questions, we do it the Brush Rite Painting way.

Call today and schedule your interior estimate or use the booking link here to meet with our estimator!

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