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Deck Staining FAQs!

Hello Brush Rite Painting subscribers!

Our team is in full exterior painting season and as barbecues and parties get planned, many homeowners have reached out to us to get their deck stained.

We hope this article provides some helpful insights on whether you should paint or stain your deck!

Deck Staining and Painting FAQs:

#1: What is the difference in price?

The first contrast homeowners notice between stains and paint is their price points. Stains can be used in a more cost effective manner during application than paint because paint can lay on thicker due to the nature of its components.

#2: What is the difference in finish or appearance?

Another major difference is the finished appearance that each displays after application and dry time. A stain is meant to show the details of the wood grain and create depth through texture. Whereas, paint can camouflage imperfections, and create an even tone throughout the area. Paint also lasts longer through the wood, however, blemishes will appear highlighted as it degrades from weather exposure.

#3: Which option lasts longer?

Stained wood is a great way to ensure longevity without compromising appearance. Chipped wood, or scuffed areas are better hidden in stained decks as it appears to be part of the natural grain pattern. This is because stains are meant to go into the wood, and seep deep into the grain to reflect a beautiful finish rather than paint, which lies on top of the wood itself almost as a sealed layer (Not to be confused with actual sealant).

Many customers don't know the original color of their deck or patio wood, chances are the deck has been stained at some point in time!

Paint can last longer and comes in many different colors, so you can match the exterior of your home, or other design schemes throughout the property. Paint will also hide away any grain textures and apply smoothly on the wood (say goodbye to splinters), while stain will show off texture and hide scratches down the road.

Both options will prolong the life of your deck, patio, etc., but it depends on your preference whether you pick one or the other.

#4: My deck is painted, but I want to stain it. Is that possible?

It isn’t recommended to go from one to the other, although stain-to-paint is completely doable, going from paint to stain is where things get tricky. Our painters do not recommend doing such, as it requires an extensive amount of prep work. The area would need to be power washed, and all of the paint needs to be scraped off before sanding can begin. Even with all of that work you cannot guarantee that the stain will show up evenly since the wood grains have been sealed for so long. Meaning it would be cheaper, and less time consuming to buy new wooden boards and replace the deck, than to go from a painted deck into a stained one. So if you’re on the fence about which one to go with, keep in mind the options available to you.

#5: What options do I have for picking out a color for my deck?

Picking colors for paint is fairly easy, most professional paint vendors will indicate which colors come in their exterior paint formula, and offer a wider selection for those looking to create a cohesive design. Stains usually stay in a familiar color range and go from deeper to lighter hues. When it comes to choosing your stain preference, we recommend you call Brush Rite Painting’s color consultants! Stains can be matched at any paint store as long as a sample is provided, however, a color consultant can do that for you and give options on the colors that match the rest of the home.

If you would like to see some options of the wood we have stained compared to the painted decks, check out our project gallery here.

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